Devi Ever Shoegazer/Big Muff Pi+ others

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Devi Ever Shoegazer/Big Muff Pi+ others Empty Devi Ever Shoegazer/Big Muff Pi+ others

Post  Shoegazer on Mon Aug 24, 2015 5:36 pm

Selling a couple of used pedals:

Devi Ever Shoegazer: There's some cosmetic damage to the graphics, but the pedal sounds great. One side a Torn's Peaker fuzz (very noisy, distorted fuzz), the other side is a Soda Meiser fuzz (Muff-esque fuzz). Looking for about $170 (pedal goes for $200 new)

Big Muff Pi USA: Again, a bit beat up but these things are built like tanks. The Volume knob is a little scratchy. Otherwise, it's in perfect working condition. Looking for about $60.

Boss DD-6: Scratches here and there. A great little delay pedal, but pretty heavy. Looking for about $100.

PM me here for pics/more info.


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