Willing to Trade Unique Hand Drums For Electric Guitar and Tube Amp (View Videos)

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Willing to Trade Unique Hand Drums For Electric Guitar and Tube Amp (View Videos)

Post  Macmutt69 on Sat Aug 09, 2014 3:37 pm

Hello Guys
I'm offering for trade my ultra rare and mint condition hand drums, in total they cost me over $1200, i'm willing to trade all for a nice electric guitar and tube amp, not looking for anything pricie like Gibson or Fender, maybe a nice epiphone or washburn humbucking guitar and a decent tube combo amp with distortion.

The first one is the hand crafted Steve Roberts Wood Tongue drum in A-Pentatonic minor, this drum is a solid 23lbs and is made from these hard resonant woods, playing surface African Padouk, Sides and bottom Red Oak, and the ends are solid mahogany, this drum plays and sounds as beautiful as it looks and includes carrying bag and mallets.

The next is the Flat black Slim model Hapi steel tongue drum in C-Major, this drum is very addicting to play and has a very meditative and soothing sound whether it's played by hand or with the included mallets.

The Meinl Ibo drum is Meinl's most expensive IBO, it's got a solid fiberglass shell and a concave sealed metal base filled with water, the various tones you get while repositioning this drum as you play is amazing.

Next i have the Red Clay traditional Udu drum that makers of the Udu have been using for years, this model has a rare flat bottom surface for even more variety of tones.

Last but not least is my Meinl Bongo cajon with it's rubber wood playing surface this little guy sounds as good as most pro bongos with no tuning needed.

All these drums come with a case or bag except for the Meinl Liquid IBO, which does however come in it's original box, i will trade for electric guitar setup only.
Please contact me for pictures, they are all in flawless like new condition.
Please view these video's below for some impressive demo's of people playng these drums i have for sale.


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