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Martin D41 For Sale Like New Empty Martin D41 For Sale Like New

Post  GoDanes29 on Sun Feb 09, 2014 6:49 pm

Hello All...

I have a Martin D41 for sale that I purchased a few years back.. and its simply collecting dust. I hate to see her wasting away not doing what she is intended to do. When I bought her i was intending to play much more.. but honestly... started to run and marathon training took over. She has not been out of the case in years. Humidified properly all the time....

I paid a pretty penny for her and looking to get something much lower end...

Only Trade Options would be Sunburst Gibson (prefer a Robert Johnson or hummingbird) model or a Larrivee OM-03 also sunburst color.... not looking for any other models and 100% must be sunburts/tobacco burst in color.

If you have a trade please its clearly not going to be straight up.. come with your offers otherwise she goes on E(vil)-bay next week.

Cant figure out how to post pics.. so happy to send along to serious buyers.

I am located in Brooklyn, but have family out on Long Island so am ofter out there on the weekends.

Thanks all...


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